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Tough Durable Fabric

Lupo's Nest dog bed covers are made from tough, durable denim strength 100% cotton. These covers can withstand the harshest scratching, digging and nesting from your little wolverine. 

Extreme Comfort

Just like Princess Nym, your own little Prince or Princess will be completely enveloped by the extra deep, cushioned pillow bed. The deep cushioning has been designed to allow dogs to arrange their nest to their own comfort.


Cushion fillings for each Lupo's Nest dog bed have been carefully selected to help reduce the major causes of allergens - dust mites, mould and fungus. Merino wool is naturally hypoallergenic while hollow-fibre offers an inhospitable environment.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is renowned for it's exceptional properties. It is naturally insulating, helping to keep your dog's temperature regulated while sleeping, naturally insulating so old dogs will not be troubled by cold hard floors. Merino wool is naturally antibacterial, resistant to odours and it's a highly durable material that keeps its shape.

Easy to Clean

All Lupo's Nest dog beds have removable covers that are machine washable at 40 degrees. Hollow-fibre inner cushions can be washed regularly on a delicate setting providing your washing machine is large enough. Wool cushions can be washed on a wool setting and are naturally resistant to odour. To keep the bed's plump shape simple shake the bed.


Merino wool is renewable, sustainable and biodegradable and one in our view the best material to use in dog beds. We can not praise the virtues of merino wool enough. Hollow-fibre is a synthetic material that unfortunately will not bio-degrade, which is why we recommend you replace the bed cover and not the entire bed.


We're really happy with Toast's bed, he just loves it! It washes really well, it was well worth getting.

– @toast_thepug

We love the beds. Betty curls up in her bed every night. We have nothing but good things to say.

– @alifewithbetty

Molly loves her bed. She only ever used to sleep on the sofa. I bought the bed thinking only Duke would use it but they both love it. They wait for each other to get off of it as they won't share it. The beds are fab, withstanding loads of washing and Duke throwing himself off the sofa onto it.

– @dukeandmollytheporkie

We wanted to get a big, comfy bed for our whippet Skye after she outgrew her puppy bed. I'm so glad we chose Fido's Nest as the beds are such high quality! The colours are amazing, the cover washes really well and Skye loves it. She has plenty of room to stretch out now, she is so happy!

– @skye_thewhippet

The dogs adore the bed, they are at an age now where they to run and jump into it!

– @variarephoto

Ted loves the bed, he actually doesn't move from it in the porch all day.

– @seren.ted


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