Lupo's Nest

Lupo's Nest | Introducing Olive the Lupo's Nest puppy model

Lupo's Nest | Introducing Olive the Lupo's Nest puppy model

A puppy named Olive, Fido's Nest chocolate lab model

AKA Little Miss Olive

Olive was only twelve weeks old when she joined us on the first ever Lupo's Nest photoshoot. 'A puppy', we said. 'Sleep all day', we said. 'Easy to get a picture of her asleep on a bed', we said. Oh how wrong were we! The activities of the day were far too interesting for Olive to sleep. She played, watched and she distracted us humans. And what a delight she was, we all fought for puppy sitting duties!

Olive is growing into a fine young Liver Labrador (we didn't know this was the proper name for a chocolate lab either). At home, Olive spends her days following her older pack brother Hunter around, chewing or chasing everything in sight and living the pup life to the max.

Olive has been putting her Lupo's Nest bed through its paces with her puppy teeth, these last few months. The corners of the bed especially have been receiving a lot of attention. Even though she's fond of her pillow bed, it still doesn't quite match the comfort of sleeping on her older brother when he obliges!

Want to keep up with Olive's journey? Follow her on Instagram @apuppynamedolive


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