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Lupo's Nest Blog | Lo Poo, Because Your Fido's Worth It!

Lupo's Nest Blog | Lo Poo, Because Your Fido's Worth It!

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Well groomed, spa-pruned pooches are all the rage right now. It seems that Instagram beauty standards aren't limited to human aesthetics, with social media users going mad for mutts with style. Pet profiles are big news. Our four-legged friends literally have millions more followers than their ordinary owners.

After all, perusing pics of pups is far more appealing. On that we can agree.

But just as social media users feel the pressure to look good for the 'gram, our dogs seemingly aren't exempt from those expectations.

There are now thousands of pet grooming products on the market. We've already discussed issues surrounding perfumed shampoos and grooming sprays in an earlier blog - they're just not appropriate for our beloved furry friends’ super smelling sense. Yet, even scent-free shampoos can do far more harm than good for our dogs.

Over-grooming is a rising issue.

The enormous range of shampoos on the market presents a challenge for pet owners. As each pet store stocks, and seemingly endorses, tens of dog shampoos, how can we be sure we are choosing the most suitable shampoo?

The sheer volume of choice can be overwhelming, even for those in the know. We often find ourselves selecting a shampoo based on packaging or similar marketing ploys. It’s time to take back control and make an informed pet shampoo selection.

And the first step is to sling shampoo. Just don’t use it.

Sling shampoo? But why? Surely keeping your fido clean is an essential grooming process, right? Well, no, not so much.

The natural oils on your canine's skin is essential for the optimum condition of their dermis and their coat. When you scrub, lather and rinse that away, you're actively damaging your dog’s natural skin condition and hair follicles. Yes, even when you use shampoos which claim to be pH balanced.

What's more, the stuff in standard shampoo can cause plenty more problems for pups. Chemicals present in most pet shampoos can cause extreme, and often undetected, skin reactions, uncomfortable dry skin conditions and subsequently itching. They're not that great for the environment either. So, what to do?

Lupo’s Nest proposes 'low-poo'

At Lupo's Nest we're huge fans of low-poo. On the days when your dog has rolled in a ten-day deep puddle of mud on their morning walkies – and really only as and when they definitely need it – reach for the lo poo.

Taking the natural grooming industry by storm, low-poo puts shampoo standards to shame, entirely free from sulphates and silicones. The former ingredient is popular amongst us humans. As foaming agents, sulphates are responsible for the suddy lather that we've been conditioned to love in personal cleaning products. But, despite our love of bubbles, they just aren't essential. Sulphates are also the baddies responsible for stripping those aforementioned natural oils. And they're not present in low-poo.

That's a thumbs-up from us.

Low-poo is also free from silicones, nasty chemicals thrown in to create 'fake shine'. Silicones build up over time and, underneath this coating, leave your canine's coat looking rather sad, dull and damaged.

Do what's best for your pet and make the swap from shampoo to low-poo with Fido's Nest.

Over time, allow those toxins to be eliminated from your dog's skin. Promote your pooch’s natural, healthy skin and coat. We've been working with suppliers to source spot-on products, we've tested gallons of low-poo, on ourselves, you better believe it. You can see our tried and tested recommended range right here [hyperlink].

You're going to love the difference it makes to your dog's groom and wellbeing.

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