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Lupo's Nest Blog | The Problem with Plastics

Lupo's Nest Blog | The Problem with Plastics

You may have noticed that we like to keep things as natural as possible at Fido's Nest. At least, we hope you've noticed! It is, after all, central to our company ethos.

Tell us if you haven't, we'll have to rework that branding strategy.

But as much as we can advise that keeping things natural is best for your pet – be it food, wool bedding, or lo-poo shampoo, for example – we're 100 per cent aware that we're using plastic.

Nasty plastic, too.

The truth is. It's a heavy weight on our heart and mind. We'd even go so far to say that we've been going around in circles with this one, driving ourselves dizzy.

Soon we will be shipping liquids in the form of cleaning and grooming products, in plastic containers. It's practical and it's cost-effective for you and for us. It's not an ideal eco-friendly solution but believe us when we say we've definitely considered the alternatives.

Glass for example. How well could pet owners grip glass shampoo bottles with wet hands? Could it cause accidents? Would we be responsible for shattered glass and sliced paws? Would it put people off investing in lo-poo dog shampoo rather than the alternatives which can be oozing with so many chemical nasties?

Beyond that, glass is heavier, too. It costs more to package and to ship. With that in mind, could the transport and fuel burden be greater?

As you can see, it's not a simple decision.

At the moment, Lupo's Nest is a baby and we're doing our best to get it right. We are speaking with suppliers of biopolymer packaging but the quantities we have to order is unobtainable for a small start up business. For now, we are opting for recycled PET plastics, which will at least delay already produced plastic from hitting the landfill. We know plastic can only be recycled a few times, too.

And so again, we're back to square one.

As we step into the future of Lupo's Nest, we'd love to give our customers the choice of packaging, allowing you to make the ultimate decision. It's not an easy one.

But for now, we simply wanted to explain our position on plastics. We’re truly sorry that we need to use them for the moment, and hopefully over time we can adjust to a more eco-friendly solution, fitting with what you would expect of our business.

In the meantime, we will attempt to off-set our foot print where ever we can and invite our customers to do the same.

Ways in which we can all do this include:

Please join the eco brick movement and turn any plastic bottles you have purchased from Lupo’s Nest in to eco bricks. To find about more about the movement and where to send your bricks once they are finished visit

Join the 2 minute beach clear up movement if you are lucky enough to walk your fido on a beach. For 2 minutes of your dog walk, pick up discarded plastic and put in the recycle bins. In fact, don’t keep it to the beach, try it around the woods and fields you and your pack visit.

Stick it, flick it or flush it – that’s right your heard correctly. If you can avoid it, just don’t use poo bags. The National Trust and The Woodland Trust are both leading the way with this campaign and we fully support it.

Shout about it on social media! The whole plastic situation is quite depressing, but there are so many great initiatives out there. The more you get involved, the more inspiring and positive things seem.

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