Lupo's Nest


Say hello to the new pup on the block…

Launched in 2018, Fido’s Nest is a small eco-conscious start-up. From the whelping stages to where we’re at now, our mission has always been to lead the way in tackling the damage caused by consumerism.

When it comes to naturally-produced, affordable and sustainable, hypoallergenic pet products, we’re the top dog.



Given such consumerism concerns, it’s fair to say that we pondered, paced, and scratched our heads over the idea of releasing yet another brand of dog beds.

So, why did we?

We’d love to claim the idea as our own, as most humans do. Yet, it was Colin, our gorgeous little Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who put his paw down and insisted upon us producing products for pooches with sensitivities.   

Just like our bipedal species, tail-waggers suffer from an array of allergies, scoping all sorts of things, from seeds and grass to food types and even fabrics. The conundrum for Colin was that he experienced adverse reactions to an abundance of the possible triggers.

When searching for bedding that would best suit him, we applied the same principles that we would apply to our own bedding. It needed to be hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly. What was currently offered just didn’t cut it.


This called for the creation of the Fido’s Nest dog bed range.




At every stage of our business, we will seek the eco-friendliest solution and where this is not possible or falls short off the ideal, we will seek to offset and damage we might be contributing.

We are keen members of the #pawsonplastic movement, the #ecobrick movement and when we get the chance to be close to the sea, the #2minutebeachclean movement. We will promote these initiatives at every opportunity.

We are all about dogs.

We are all for sustainability.

We will shout out about likeminded doggy companies that we think you should know about.

We will continue to research the best products, materials, and solutions for our four-legged friends.

We promise.